About these "Whatsoever" pages

    (first edition: 04/1998; last major update 01/2010)

    This whole "Whatsoever" thing is basically just a collection of links which I use(ed) on a regular basis.
    So you find links to areas where I've lived so far, like the beautiful state of Vermont and Bavaria's capital, the city of Munich. As well as links to "whatsoever" else I'm interested in. In addition you can have a look at photos I took during my travels.

    Of course I'll try to always keep all the links up to date, but there's a chance that a link might not work as expected anymore.
    Please also take note of my LINK DISCLAIMER !

    For your information if not explicitly stated otherwise all photos (e.g. for the headers) used on these whatsoever.de/.net pages were taken and are © copyrighted by me - all rights reserved.

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